Dalton Vaughn is an American illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist.  He is a graduate from Tennessee Tech University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design with an emphasis in Digital Media from the College of Fine Arts.  His freshman year, he was awarded the Nichols Freshman Art Scholarship, and his senior year, was one of the recipients of the Bacchanal Scholarship. His body of work consists of illustration and cartoons, as well as logo design, page layouts, branding, and other forms of graphic design.  Dalton’s work has been published in TTU Collab-O-Comix I & II. He currently lives in Smithville, Tennessee.


From the moment I bought my first issue of MAD Magazine in 2002, at the age of seven years old, I wanted to be an artist.  I looked at my copy of MAD day by day, cover to cover, inspecting and scrutinizing the hilarious illustrations within.  To a seven year old, a career in the arts didn’t seem possible. 

My line of work consists of mainly illustrations, mostly humorous, as well as graphic design. My illustrations are not necessarily meant to be interpreted as hyperrealistic, but more lighthearted, and relevant to pop culture and current events.  I love using bold outlines and minute details with linework, as well as coloring my illustrations both traditionally and digitally.  My design work on the other hand, focuses more on clean, precise layout and simplistic logo designs, that follow the current design trends appropriately.  If at all possible, I also like to incorporate my illustration work into my design work, but that’s only when it’s necessary. 

I enjoy the work that I do.  I couldn’t have picked a better career path.  There’s an entire life ahead of me, so I better have a sketchbook handy.